Practicing Liberation

Transformative Strategies for Collective Healing & Systems Change: Reflections on burnout, trauma & building communities of care in social justice work

Foreword by: Kazu Haga Editor: Tessa Hicks Peterson, Hala Khouri

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How do we do effective, sustainable social change…without burning out, internalizing systemic toxicity, and replicating urgency culture?

For readers of adrienne maree brown, Staci K. Haines, and Ejeris Dixon

When your work is inextricable from your identity, your community, and your own liberation, you need a unique praxis of care to sustain it—and for mission-driven activists, organizers, healers, and changemakers, making space to center vital needs like rest, self-care, and healthy boundaries isn’t as simple as clocking out.

Oppressive systems, dysfunctional structures, and the impacts of living in white supremacy culture lead to burnout, anxiety, illness, and fatigue. And often, these stressors are compounded when well-meaning organizations fail to align their internal culture with their external vision…and fail their staff and volunteers in the process.

Title TK reorients collective justice work toward a model that transforms the effects of injustice, harm, and oppressive systems into resilience, joy, and community care. Through frameworks like trauma-informed methodology, transformative movement organizing, engaged Buddhism, and healing justice, editors Hala Khouri and Tessa Hicks Peterson show readers how to:

  • Embody healing, wellness, and beloved community
  • Guard against replicating systems of harm
  • Disrupt racist, classist, anti-queer, and anti-trans behavior and systems
  • Celebrate creativity and radical imagination in movement work
  • Center healing from intergenerational trauma, white supremacy culture, and extractive capitalism
  • Honor that self-care is a necessity—not a luxury—that strengthens our collectives

Featuring editors Hala Khouri and Tessa Hicks and contributors like Kazu Haga, Taj James, Nkem Ndefo, Jacoby Ballard, Sará King, Kerri Kelly, and more, Title TK demonstrates in real time how embodied leadership, interconnected collectives, and a bold vision for transformation are the vital tools we need for collective wellbeing, healing, and long-term social change.

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Release Date: 2024-07-30
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