Raw and Beyond

Raw and Beyond

How Omega-3 Nutrition Is Transforming the Raw Food Paradigm

Author: Victoria Boutenko, Elaina Love, Chad Sarno

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Three longtime raw foodists present a more balanced way to eat raw with over 100 delicious and nutritious recipes for raw, steamed, and lightly cooked dishes rich in Omega-3s
Victoria Boutenko, Elaina Love, and Chad Sarno have been leaders in the raw food movement since the 1990s. Since then, all three have independently arrived at the same conclusion: that a totally raw diet is not necessarily the best diet. One reason for their shift in thinking is the latest scientific research on the impact of omega essential fatty acids on human health. Studies show that if eaten in excess, Omega-6s can cause inflammation and obesity. A typical raw food diet contains large quantities of nuts and seeds, most of which are extremely high in omega-6s and low in Omega-3s.
Raw foodists are not the only ones lacking sufficient Omega-3s in their diet. Because Omega-3s are easily damaged by heat, anyone whose diet is high in processed foods and oils probably has an Omega-3 deficiency. Many symptoms of this deficiency can be mistaken for other health problems or nutrient deficiencies, so few people realize the cause of their ailments. Boutenko’s chapters on omegas provide readers more in-depth nutritional information. One hundred recipes—from raw to steamed and lightly cooked dishes, from appetizers to desserts—offer readers the means to enjoy a more sustainable, healthy, and energetic lifestyle.

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Release Date: 2012-01-10
Paperback 9781583943571
Ebook 9781583943755

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