A Curious History of Vegetables

A Curious History of Vegetables

Aphrodisiacal and Healing Properties, Folk Tales, Garden Tips, and Recipes

Author: Wolf D. Storl

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Featuring gardening tips, recipes, and beautiful full-color pencil drawings of each vegetable, this book for farm-to-fork aficionados and gardeners with an esoteric bent explores the secret history of 48 well known and rare vegetables, examining their symbolism, astrological connections, healing properties, and overall character.
A fascinating introduction to vegetable gardening and cooking, A Curious History of Vegetables sets horticulture in its historical, cultural, and cosmological contexts. The author offers his deep understanding of the theory of biodynamic gardening and useful tips on light and warmth, ground covers, composts, crop rotation and weeds. Woven in with folk tales and stories from history, each entry also includes delicious historical recipes for each vegetable.

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ebook, paperback

Release Date: 2016-06-14
Paperback 9781623170394
Ebook 9781623170400

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