Nurturing Resilience

Nurturing Resilience

Helping Clients Move Forward from Developmental Trauma--An Integrative Somatic Approach

Author: Kathy Kain, Stephen J. Terrell Foreword by: Stephen Terrell Read by: Beth Kesler

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A practical, integrated approach for therapists working with child and adult patients impacted by developmental trauma and attachment difficulties—featuring a foreword by Waking the Tiger author, Peter Levine.

Kathy L. Kain and Stephen J. Terrell draw on fifty years of their combined clinical and teaching experience to provide this clear road map for understanding the complexities of early trauma and its related symptoms. Experts in the physiology of trauma, the authors present an introduction to their innovative somatic approach that has evolved to help thousands improve their lives.
Synthesizing across disciplines—Attachment, Polyvagal, Neuroscience, Child Development Theory, Trauma, and Somatics—this book provides a new lens through which to understand safety and regulation. It includes the survey used in the groundbreaking ACE Study, which discovered a clear connection between early childhood trauma and chronic health problems.
For therapists working with both adults, children, and anyone dealing with symptoms that typically arise from early childhood trauma—anxiety, behavioral issues, depression, metabolic disorders, migraine, sleep problems, and more—this book offers hope for a happier, trauma-free life.

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Release Date: 2018-05-08
Paperback 9781623172039
Audiobook 9781623174286
Ebook 9781623172046

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