What White Parents Should Know about Transracial Adoption–The Workbook

What White Parents Should Know about Transracial Adoption–The Workbook

Practical Tools, Skills, and Prompts for Affirming Your Adopted Child's Cultural Identity

Author: Melissa Guida-Richards Foreword by: Marcella Moslow, LCSW

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A companion to What White Parents Should Know about Transracial Adoption, this practical workbook guides readers to better understand transracial adoption and do the work of anti-racist, trauma-informed parenting.

A must-read for white parents who have transracially adopted or prospective parents considering transracial adoption, this follow-up to What White Parents Should Know about Transracial Adoption offers a wealth of activities, templates, and questions for self-reflection. Melissa Guida-Richards, who learned at the age of 19 that she was adopted from Colombia as an infant, addresses the complexities of transracial adoption with insight, compassion, and the wisdom of lived experience. Through thought-provoking questions and activities, Guida-Richards guides you to:

  • Consider the role of infant-mother bonding and understand developmental trauma in adoptees
  • Understand the complex history of adoption; recognize illegal and unethical practices, such as trafficking operations and baby factories; and ask the important questions when working with adoption agencies
  • Look more deeply at implicit bias, white saviorism, and white fragility
  • Locate and utilize adoption-competent mental health care
  • Offer culturally aligned education, community, and resources to your child
  • Acknowledge the effects of racism and celebrate your child’s race and culture

Throughout the workbook, Guida-Richards guides you to break free from toxic positivity, understand and drop defenses, engage in difficult conversations, and learn to listen to your child’s experience. Whether you are a potential parent considering a transracial adoption, a parent of an adopted child, or a therapist or advocate working with adoptive families, this practical and engaging workbook will help you “do the work” of furthering anti-racist, child-centered, and trauma-informed parenting.

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Release Date: 2023-07-18
Ebook 9781623178727
Paperback 9781623178710

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