Growing Sustainable Together

Growing Sustainable Together

Practical Resources for Raising Kind, Engaged, Resilient Children

Author: Shannon Brescher Shea Read by: Raechel Wong

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Tips, tools, advice, and activities for raising eco-friendly kids while nurturing compassion, resilience, and community engagement.

Drawing from cutting-edge social-science research, parent interviews, and experiential wisdom, science writer and parenting blogger Shannon Brescher Shea shows how green living and great parenting go hand in hand to teach kids kindness, compassion, resilience, and grit–all while giving them the lifelong tools they need to be successful, engaged, and independent.

Growing Sustainable Together is packed with easy tips, expert parenting advice, and practical hands-on activities for the toddler years up through the early teens. The enriching activities, resource guides, and recommended book lists in each chapter distill core sustainablility knowledge, like:
    Understanding energy efficiency and renewables
    Instilling anti-waste and anti-consumerist values
    Learning where our food comes from
    Developing a lifelong love for environmental activism, volunteering, and community engagement

The book concludes with a practical appendix that gives talking points for engaging teachers, school systems, and fellow parents in eco-friendly activities.

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