Way of the Ancient Healer

Way of the Ancient Healer

Sacred Teachings from the Philippine Ancestral Traditions

Author: Virgil Mayor Apostol

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The first-ever comprehensive introduction to traditional Filipino healing practices—featuring rare photographs and insights into the roots and modern-day rituals of this ancient shamanic and spiritual belief system.

“. . . brilliantly blends the art and science of the sacred teachings of Filipino traditional healing to help people find their path toward health and happiness.” —Deepak Chopra

Way of the Ancient Healer provides an overview of the rich tradition of Filipino healing practices, discussing their origins, world influences, and role in daily life. Enhanced with over 200 photographs and illustrations, the book combines years of historical research with detailed descriptions of the spiritual belief system that forms the foundation of these practices. Giving readers a rare look at modern-day Filipino healing rituals, the book also includes personal examples from author Virgil Mayor Apostol’s own experiences with shamanic healing and dream interpretation.

The book begins with an explanation of Apostol’s Filipino lineage and legacy as a healer. After a brief history of the Philippine archipelago, he describes the roots of traditional Filipino healing and spirituality, and discusses the Indian, Islamic, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and American influences that have impacted the Filipino culture. He presents a thorough description of Filipino shamanic and spiritual practices that have developed from the concept that everything in nature contains a spirit (animism) and that living in the presence of spirits demands certain protocols and rituals for interacting with them. The book’s final chapter thoughtfully explores the spiritual tools used in Filipino healing–talismans, amulets, stones, and other natural symbols of power.

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ebook, paperback

Release Date: 2010-12-28
Paperback 9781556439414
Ebook 9781583945971

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