A Practitioner’s Guide to Clinical Cupping

A Practitioner’s Guide to Clinical Cupping

Effective Techniques for Pain Management and Injury

Author: Daniel Lawrence

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A modern approach to the medical practice of dry cupping—to reduce inflammation and stimulate immune response; assist in myofascial release; relieve pain; and improve healing and recovery

Includes links to instructional online video content

A Practitioner’s Guide to Clinical Cupping provides a concise, practical, and easy-to-understand guide to safe and effective cupping techniques, integrating up-to-date research on physiology, neuroscience, and biomechanics.

Physiotherapist Daniel Lawrence–known for his popular “RockPods” cupping training courses–includes all the information a new practitioner needs to get started, including a basic history of cupping and theoretical overview; how to apply and remove cups, and how long to leave them on the skin; how to use oils and creams to assist “glide cupping” techniques, and more. 

Chapters detail specific cupping practices for different parts of the body and common ailments, including:

  • Achilles tendon and shin pain
  • Knee, hamstring, and quad pain
  • Hip problems
  • Back and neck pain
  • Carpal tunnel and other wrist pain
  • Other common sports and overuse injuries

Featuring full-color photos throughout to clearly illustrate techniques, and video links for more detailed visual instruction, A Practitioner’s Guide to Clinical Cupping offers a complete and immersive learning experience.

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ebook, paperback

Release Date: 2023-02-14
Paperback 9781623178390
Ebook 9781623178406

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