Daniel Lawrence

Daniel Lawrence BSc, MCSP is a UK Chartered Physiotherapist, published author, and international lecturer. Lawrence holds separate post-graduate qualifications in musculoskeletal medicine and education. Having completed 10 years as a University lecturer for Plymouth University based in Truro, he now combines teaching and writing with running an NHS funded clinic in his local area. Daniel is also on the board of directors for RockTape UK, StickMobility UK and PhysioBooks Ltd. He has delivered lectures and workshops on tendon-related subjects throughout the UK including, Therapy Expo, COPA, private physio groups, the Shoulder Symposium, South West Seminars and the British Fascia Symposium 2018. Daniel frequently attends conferences as a guest lecturer and delivers bespoke training to professional groups. During 2020 and 2021, his cupping (RockPods™) course became the most popular RockTape UK based course, as many professionals sought to extend their practice to offer this unique treatment.