Unleash the Dragon Within

Unleash the Dragon Within

Transform Your Life With the Kung-Fu Animals of Ch'ien-Lung

Author: Steven Macramalla, Ph.D.

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Discover your Animal archetype to transform your martial arts practice and improve your physical, emotional, and sexual health

A cognitive psychologist and respected martial art instructor brings to life the Animals of Ch’ien-lung, and how to live the martial art philosophy–on and off the mat! This martial art belongs to everyone, not just for self-defense but as a force for healing. Keen on detail, big in scope, Unleash the Dragon Within shows how to tap into the Cat and Snake
aspects of your mind and body. When you combine the movement, breath and meditation of a Cat with a Snake you create the Dragon, bringing all you are to your athletic performance, spiritual practices and even your sexual relationships.

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Release Date: 2019-08-27
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