An Approach to Ip Man Style Wing Chun

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An Approach to Ip Man Style Wing Chun

Author: Wayne Belonoha

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An Approach to Ip Man Style Wing Chun is a practical new beginner’s guide to Wing Chun by a certified instructor in the Ip Man lineage. Pan American Triple Gold Medalist Wayne Belonoha provides the fundamentals of the art as a comprehensive mind/body training program. Written in accessible language and including more than 400 full-color photos, the book emphasizes benefits including weight reduction, stress management, personal defense and safety, and self-discipline through meditation.


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About the Author

WAYNE BELONOHA is a Certified Ving Tsun Instructor with a Master Degree, Level 7. Once the Canadian Wushu Team Lead, he is founder of Wai’s Kung Fu Academy, recipient of the Martial Artist's Achievement Award, national tournament organizer, certified judge, a regular contributor to Wing Chun Illustrated magazine, and a Pan American Triple Gold Medalist. A third generation direct descendant of Ip Man, Belonoha passes along wing chun kung fu as handed down from Moy Yat to Dunn Wah (Sunny Tang). Sifu Belonoha performed for Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and at the Ip Man Hall Grand Opening in Foshan, China. He currently teaches in Atlanta, Georgia, and has had numerous students win Grand Champion awards at national and local tournaments.

Reviews/Press Quotes

“If you are new to Wing Chun or interested in learning this fascinating martial art, An Approach to Ip Man Style Wing Chun is an excellent place to start. Sifu Wayne Belonoha presents a high-level overview of the Ving Tsun Kung Fu system that is both interesting to read and functional for training. Belonoha’s lessons to new students include: how to train, stances and footwork, hand techniques, drills, an overview of the first form, chi sao (sticky hands), and self-defense. He even includes common mistakes and lessons for ‘purposeful practice’ when teaching each of the subjects—so you know you are truly getting an instructional book.”
—Aaron Cantrell, founder and owner of Everything Wing Chun & the Wing Chun University
“Wayne Belonoha has done an outstanding job in capturing what is in the Ip Man Ving Tsun system. This book would be a welcome introduction for anyone who is practicing, or just interested in understanding, the art of Ving Tsun Kung Fu.”
—Sifu William Moy, son of the late Grandmaster Moy Yat
“Master Wayne Belonoha, the acclaimed author of The Wing Chun Compendium, makes another important contribution to the promotion of the Ving Tsun system. As a descendent of the Ip Man lineage, he presents in this work a clear approach to our system for those who are beginning their journey. This contribution will help newer generations identify the distinct qualities of this true treasure of Chinese thinking.”
—Leo Imamura (Moy Yat Sang), disciple of Grandmaster Moy Yat
“Sifu Wayne's latest book offers a well-crafted introduction to the Wing Chun system. I heartily recommend it for beginners and anyone considering learning more about Wing Chun.”
—Eric Lilleør, publisher and editor-in-chief of Wing Chun Illustrated magazine
An Approach to Ip Man Style Wing Chun is an extremely practical and useful resource for those interested in learning the basic concepts and practical applications of Wing Chun Kung Fu. It provides an excellent and comprehensive overview of the Ip Man style. If you want an insightful advantage, buy this book, read it, and practice the many useful skills and techniques it has to offer.”
—Sifu Miguel Hernandez, author of Mental Skills in Martial Arts

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