Developing Jin

Developing Jin

Silk-Reeling Power in Tai Chi and the Internal Martial Arts

Author: Phillip Starr

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A no-nonsense and entertaining guide to harnessing the power of jin in your t’ai chi or internal martial arts training

Developing Jin provides a complete and progressive training regimen for increasing and refining chansi-jin, also known as silk-reeling power or coiling power—the true power of the internal martial arts. With step-by-step instructions and photographs, experienced teacher Philip Starr walks readers through a variety of techniques designed to help practitioners feel and use jin in their martial arts training. While much of the existing writing on jin relies on cryptic and mystical descriptions of internal power, Starr takes a direct, no-nonsense approach that addresses commonly held myths and identifies the real body mechanics behind this unusual power. Useful for novices and advanced practitioners alike, Developing Jin is a crucial addition to any serious martial artist’s library.

Table of Contents
1. Got Jin?
2. How To Use This Book
3. Basic Conditioning Exercises
4. In The Beginning
5. Structure and Alignment
6. Training the Breath
7. The Nature Of Qi
8. Let’s Get Engaged!
9. Beginning With Stillness
10. The Breath Coiling Form
11. The Secret Of Tendon Power
12. Internal Coiling
13. Applying The Coiling Power
14. Putting It All Together
15. Training Routines For Coiling Power
16. Three Become One
17. Combative Applications

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ebook, paperback

Release Date: 2014-04-22
Paperback 9781583947609
Ebook 9781583947753

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