Martial Maneuvers

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Martial Maneuvers

Fighting Principles and Tactics of the Internal Martial Arts

Author: Phillip Starr

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In Martial Maneuvers, Phillip Starr demonstrates that while the internal martial arts—Taijiquan, Bagua Zhang, and Xingyi Quan—might be considered ineffective for practical self-defense, they in fact have a long history of combat use. Starr argues that most teachers and practitioners of the internal arts have forgotten their rich martial heritage, focusing instead on their applicability for health or spiritual practices. Starr returns to the roots of the three major internal arts, demonstrating the combative principles upon which they were originally based.

Martial Maneuvers often takes a lighthearted and humorous approach to what can often be challenging material, and provides training routines in easy-to-understand language. Numerous photos demonstrate the step-by-step implementation of fighting techniques, teaching readers how to apply them to their own chosen martial disciplines. While designed primarily for the internal martial artist, the techniques demonstrated in Martial Maneuvers can also benefit and enrich the training of a student of any discipline, including karate and kung fu.


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About the Author

Phillip Starr has been involved in martial arts for over 50 years and has been teaching martial arts professionally since 1971. Included in the “Kung Fu Hall of Fame” by Inside Kung Fu magazine, Starr has been named a U.S. National Champion by the United States Karate Association. He lives in Council Bluffs, IA.

Reviews/Press Quotes

“Despite a focus on health and inner harmony by countless modern practitioners, neijia arts such as taijiquan were once formidable fighting forms. In this outstanding book, Sifu Starr demonstrates how they can be once again. Advanced concepts are explained in everyday language, augmented with ingenious drills, and demonstrated through practical applications that can apply to both the internal and external martial arts. Profound insight and sensible advice are tempered by a whimsical writing style that makes this comprehensive tome a true pleasure to read.”
—Lawrence Kane, Author of Surviving Armed Assaults and Martial Arts Instruction; co-author of The Way of Kata, The Way to Black Belt, and The Little Black Book of Violence

“For too long, Westerners have viewed Tai Chi as a soft New Age calisthenic.  Martial Maneuvers brings Tai Chi and other internal Chinese fighting arts back to their roots.  Pete Starr's extensive knowledge of both Japanese and Chinese systems makes this an enjoyable read that any martial artist will enjoy, from the seasoned Karate fighter to the person just trying a 'soft' art for the first time.”
—Gene Ching, Associate Publisher, Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine

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