Fundamentals, Applications, and Footwork

Author: Phillip Starr

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A comprehensive guide to the fundamentals, sequences, and applications of Baguazhang.

Baguazhang is unquestionably one of the most esoteric disciplines in martial arts. Based on the eight trigrams (bagua) of the Yi Jing, it emphasizes the importance of maneuverability, evasion, and change to deflect an aggressor’s attacks. Unlike martial arts systems that employ overt punches, kicks, and grappling techniques, most of the bodily weapons of the baguazhang arsenal are well concealed, agile, and smooth. Utilizing deceptive forms of footwork and body shifting, the principles and techniques in this book will help readers develop a firm foundation and build a critical skill set for this unique martial art.

Longtime martial arts practitioner and author Phillip Starr introduces readers to the basics of baguazhang, showing how the movements of this widely misunderstood art can be practically applied in self-defense. Readers will learn:

   • Key baguazhang principles
   • Footholds
   • Basic stepping techniques, walking exercises, and postures
   • Proper alignments
   • “Mother palms,” or basic exercises critical to the development of the “bagua body”
Ideal for newcomers to baguazhang, this introduction elucidates the two foundational Single Change and Double Change Palms and offers a refresher for advanced practitioners looking to further explore applications for movements they already know.

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ebook, paperback

Release Date: 2021-03-16
Paperback 9781623175788
Ebook 9781623175795

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