Tibetan Yoga of Movement

Tibetan Yoga of Movement

The Art and Practice of Yantra Yoga

Author: Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, Fabio Andrico

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Tibetan Yoga of Movement introduces the method of Yantra Yoga, a traditional Tibetan form that is one of the oldest recorded systems of yoga in the world. Derived from an eighth-century Tibetan Buddhist text, Yantra Yoga includes many positions similar to those of Hatha Yoga in form, but different in the dynamics of the way in which they are practiced, especially in the coordination of movement and breathing. The Yantra Yoga system encompasses 108 sets of movements (yantras) and several types of breathing to be learned at your own pace. Due to its emphasis on uniting breathing and movement, Yantra Yoga can deepen the experience of yoga practitioners from any tradition and profoundly benefit anyone seeking authentic balance, harmony, and the understanding of our true nature.

Since the eighth century, this yoga teaching has been passed down from teacher to student in an unbroken lineage. Chögyal Namkhai Norbu, the current lineage holder, began transmitting Yantra Yoga in the West in the 1970s. Presenting detailed instructions accompanied by over 400 instructional photos, the book describes the sequences of movements, methods of breathing, and the concrete health benefits of the practice.

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Release Date: 2013-07-23
Paperback 9781583945568
Ebook 9781583945742

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