The Scientific Basis of Chinese Integrative Cancer Therapy

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The Scientific Basis of Chinese Integrative Cancer Therapy

Including a Color Atlas of Chinese Anticancer Plants

Author: Bruce Halstead, Terry Halstead

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This useful text features an extensive discussion of the history, development, and science of Chinese medicine, and a summary of the authors’ fact-finding research trip to countries and hospitals that use Chinese herbs in the treatment of cancer. Central to the book is a substantial section of 103 colored botanical plates, constituting an atlas of the most important anticancer plants.


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About the Author

Bruce Walter Halstead, MD, who died in 2002, is best known for his pioneering research, lectures, and writing on non-toxic integrative medicine. Author of more than fifty books, and founder and director of The World Life Research Institute, he served on UN and World Health Scientific boards throughout his career and as a consultant to US military and governmental agencies.

Terri Lee Holcomb-Halstead lives in Southern California. Since her marriage to Bruce Halstead in 1988, she has been an active partner in his research in ethno-botany and integrative medicine. Since his death, she has continued his work.

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