The Modern Herbal Dispensatory

The Modern Herbal Dispensatory

A Medicine-Making Guide

Author: Thomas Easley, Steven Horne

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The beloved best-selling classic for the modern herbalist—a definitive guide to 250 safe and effective herbal medicines, preparations, and single-herb remedies to make at home.

This comprehensive, full-color guide offers detailed and easy-to-follow instructions for making and using approximately 250 all-natural DIY herbal medicines. With practical tips, in-depth preparation techniques, and an inside look at some of the authors’ own favorite formulas, The Modern Herbal Dispensatory walks beginners and advanced herbalists alike through:

The 12 major categories of herbs, from aromatic to sweet
Herbal preparations: the many ways to prepare and use herbs, from capsules and tinctures to standardized extracts and essential oils
Choosing the best dosage form for each category of herb
How to harvest, dry, and use fresh herbs
Extractions: terms, equipment, solvents, and calculations, plus how to extract herbs in water, alcohol, glycerin, and vinegar
Advanced techniques: like percolation extracts, fluid extracts, and soxhlet extracts
Preparations like oil-based extractions, topical applications, concentrates, lozenges, traditional Chinese methods, and more
Formulas and dosages: how to design herbal formulas and use herbs safely and effectively
Herbal insights and need-to-know wisdom, like why different preparations of the same herb affect the body differently; which herbs are medicinal when dry, but could be toxic when fresh; and why beginners typically see more potent results with formulations versus single-herb preparations

The text includes multiple appendices, recommendations for further reading, in-depth full-color photo guides, and a helpful index. With advice on herbal preparations for 100+ illnesses and conditions and a comprehensive materia medica, The Modern Herbal Dispensatory is an enduring classic and beloved plant-medicine reference manual for herbalists, natural medicine practitioners, and anyone seeking safe, holistic, at-home care and inexpensive all-natural remedies.

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Release Date: 2016-11-29
Paperback 9781623170790
Ebook 9781623170806
Audiobook 9798889841340

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