The Handbook of Ayurveda

The Handbook of Ayurveda

Author: Shantha Godagama

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This practical and inspirational handbook touches on every aspect of Ayurveda, a traditional healing system of India, for beginners, and serves as a refresher course for more seasoned students. Written by one of the world’s leading Ayurveda practitioners and teachers, this guide offers a complete overview and lays out the principal areas of the system—involving eight branches that include medicine, toxicology, and geriatrics—in ways that are easy to follow yet not oversimplified. The author outlines the history, terminology, and practice, and includes a glossary of terms and a well-researched treatment section. The book also contextualizes Ayurveda within Buddhism, and recommends therapies and the herbs and plants that best accompany them.

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Release Date: 2004-03-03
Paperback 9781556435010

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