The Elements of Skill

The Elements of Skill

A Conscious Approach to Learning

Author: Theodore Dimon, Jr Foreword by: Theodore Dimon Jr. Read by: Kirk Magoon

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Why do so many beginners, both children and adults, fail to master chosen skills? The Elements of Skill was inspired by—and addresses—that question with a program based on proven techniques. The book, written by a renowned practitioner of the Alexander Technique, outlines an educational system that makes the process of learning a performance or athletic skill more conscious, and therefore more successful. Its principles include breaking down a skill into manageable parts, setting realistic goals, observing mind/body processes, overcoming blocks, controlling habits, and achieving heightened awareness and self-mastery. Included are inspiring examples of people who have benefited from the method.

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Release Date: 2003-11-04
Paperback 9781556434761
Audiobook 9781623175962
Ebook 9781583947036

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