Anatomy of the Moving Body, Second Edition

Anatomy of the Moving Body, Second Edition

A Basic Course in Bones, Muscles, and Joints

Author: Theodore Dimon, Jr Illustrator: Theodore Dimon Jr.

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A complete, lecture-based anatomy course that covers the muscles, bones, and joints of the moving body—perfect for dancers and movement-oriented therapists

Learning anatomy requires more than pictures and labels. It requires a way “into” the subject—a means of making sense of what is being shown. Anatomy of the Moving Body addresses that need with a simple yet complete study of the body’s complex system of bones, muscles, and joints, and how they function. Beautifully illustrated with over one hundred 3D images, this second edition contains thirty-one lectures that guide readers through this challenging interior landscape. Author Theodore Dimon Jr. describes each part of the body in brief, manageable sections, with components described singly or in small groups. He goes beyond simply naming the muscles and bones to explain the exact terminology in everyday language. Other topics include:

• The etymology of anatomical terms
• Origins and attachments of muscles and their related actions
• Major functional systems such as the pelvis, ankle, shoulder girdle, and hand
• Major landmarks and human topography
• Structures relating to breathing and vocalization

This edition features all-new illustrations that use a 3D digital model of the human anatomical form. Thorough, visually interesting, and easy-to-understand, Anatomy of the Moving Body, Second Edition is an ideal resource for students and teachers of the Alexander and Feldenkrais techniques as well as for practitioners of yoga, Pilates, martial arts, and dance.

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