Sacred Motherhood

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Sacred Motherhood

An Inspirational Guide and Journal for Mindfully Mothering Children of All Ages

Author: Anni Daulter, Niki Dewart

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Written for mothers seeking to fulfill their soul’s work while simultaneously raising future generations, Sacred Motherhood offers women on the path of motherhood a guide back to themselves. It will help you embrace the reality that this is your spiritual life—every moment of every day, whether you are at the grocery store, changing diapers, arguing with your partner, snuggling with your baby, or dyeing your teenager’s hair pink. Greet the moments when you fall down as awakening opportunities, every bit as holy and powerful as the moments you can drop in and bliss out.

Spanning the sacred and the mundane, Sacred Motherhood is both a guide and a journal, enticing you to pause momentarily to reflect and write, and then return to your mothering tasks armed with a fresh perspective, renewed vision, practical tips, and creative ideas for enriching family life. For fifty-two weeks—a year of sacred motherhood—the chapters illuminate subjects that are likely to arise as the mothering journey unfolds, and present thoughtful prompts and helpful reminders relating to you, your soul, and your child.


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About the Author

Anni Daulter is the author of Sacred Pregnancy and founder of the Sacred Living Movement. Daulter has been a conscious parenting advocate and organic cook for many years, helping families take a holistic approach to pregnancy, birthing, parenting, and living. She travels the world teaching birth workers her program for Sacred Pregnancy, Sacred Relationship, I AM sisterhood, and Sacred Sweeties Summer Camp for girls and their mothers. In addition to Sacred Pregnancy, Daulter has authored five books.

Niki Dewart is coauthor of The Mother's Wisdom Deck. Both independently and in collaboration with Sacred Pregnancy, Dewart leads rituals, workshops, and retreats that nurture the soul of mothering. She has led youth rites of passage for the Ojai Foundation and guided experiential pilgrimages focused on ritual arts, healing traditions, and indigenous wisdom in Egypt, Peru, Ireland, and Native America for the Institute of Noetic Sciences and Cross Cultural Journeys. She is also a founder of Applesong—a pioneering cottage school that nourishes the bodies, minds, and spirits of children in her community—and the creator of New Moon Daughters, a girls' coming-of-age program.

Reviews/Press Quotes

"Anni Daulter and Niki Dewart offer moms a collection of blessings. These pages are a weaving of word medicine, inspiration, and celebration. Mothers… buckle your seat belt. Read, sing, scribble, sketch, dance, dare to begin this journey, it goes one-way, toward your own inner knowing."
—Robin Lim, midwife, founder of Yayasan Bumi Sehat (Healthy Mother Earth Foundation), and CNN 2011 Hero of the Year 

“What a gorgeous, life-changing invitation this book is for anyone on the journey of growing into and through motherhood. It also uniquely embodies deep feminine wisdom—which we all share—and invites us to drink deeply at that source. A true gift!”
—Rahima Baldwin Dancy, midwife and author of You Are Your Child’s First Teacher

“Sacred Motherhood is a heroine’s journey, illuminating the wisdom of the divine feminine. Beginning with ‘The Call,’ women are invited to follow a sensory-rich rhythm through the seasons, accompanied by essential allies—Trust, Intuition, Sisterhood, and more—and offered gentle opportunities for healing along the way. Anni and Niki have created an exquisite guide and gift, adorned with sacred body beauty, grounded in messy truth, and languaged with love. This book is a ‘boon’ and a celebration.”
—Janet Lucy, author of Moon Mother, Moon Daughter

“Of course we are grateful for our children, but so often we are overrun with the chaos of the day-to-day that we don’t have the bandwidth to pause and reflect on this beautiful journey. Sacred Motherhood not only reminds us, but also gives us tools to elevate our thinking and bring us into a nurturing space for both our children and ourselves. This book has a permanent place on my bedside table!”
—Kim Graham-Nye, mother and cofounder of gDiapers

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