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Delicious Raw Recipes for Radiant Health

Author: Peter Daniel, Beryn Daniel Foreword by: Victoria Boutenko

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No longer on the outermost fringe of the food world, the raw food diet is becoming increasingly mainstream as its health benefits have become clearer and celebrities such as Demi Moore become enthusiastic converts. Eager to show that a diet that includes a high percentage of raw foods is not difficult to achieve, chefs Peter and Beryn Daniel created this beautiful, accessible cookbook and guide to raw kitchen basics. Rawlicious introduces readers to a lifestyle that marries long-term health benefits and higher energy levels with delicious and simple raw recipes.

Rawlicious covers a broad spectrum of recipes and raw principles, from basics like stocking your raw kitchen, juicing, salad preparation, and making smoothies, to more advanced, gourmet dishes. Stunning full-color photos throughout will inspire readers to get into their kitchen, and clear, easy instructions to 144 recipes will encourage them to stay. In South Africa, where Rawlicious was published in August 2009, readers have enthusiastically embraced the book as their “kitchen bible,” their primary raw food resource above all others. Clean design and clear explanations of raw food principles and recipes make this one of the most inviting raw recipe books on the market. The new edition offers both U.S. and metric measurements for an international audience.

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About the Author

Peter and Beryn Daniel are traditionally trained chefs who became pioneers of the raw and superfoods movement in South Africa. The couple teaches courses throughout the country and Beryn Daniel regularly writes articles for South Africa’s Journal of Natural Medicine. They live in Cape Town.

Reviews/Press Quotes

"Rawlicious is a precious gift to all food lovers who enjoy healthy eating.... I highly recommend it to anyone interested in raw food."
—Victoria Boutenko, author of Green for Life, from the foreword

"Rawlicious is inspiring, easy to follow, and full of valuable information. What if you could start taking more responsibility for your health and learn how to prepare delicious, fresh, raw foods at home? This book is a great place to start. I sure am grateful for Rawlicious!"
—Terces Engelhart, founder of Café Gratitude

“In this new cookbook, raw food chefs Peter and Beryn Daniel prove that live food is fun. For those new to the raw foods lifestyle, this cookbook reveals how to transition to a raw foods diet. Also discussed are juicing techniques, stocking a raw kitchen, and growing your own foods. Recipes span the world with offerings like Indian Korma Sauce, Nori Sesame Crackers, and Goji and Peach Cookies.”
Taste for Life Magazine

“As [Rawlicious] suggests, ‘food’ and ‘health’ are two words that should never be separated… The recipes featured are quick and easy to prepare and require no special equipment, making it one of the most accessible food books currently available.”
What’s Cooking? TucsonCitizen.com

“There have been numerous books written already on the raw food diet, most truly great reads, but Rawlicious is my first choice for someone who’s a newbie and needing a book that’s well organized and provides the necessary information to get one started.”
—Carlos, In My Mind’s Zen Garden

“13 gorgeously filled chapters of recipes including how to make your own nut milks and cheeses, to simple meals, breads and crackers, some deserts, and more complex meals as well. I’m a big fan of finding something new, and I’ve been playing with raw food recipes for a few years now. The Butternut-carrot-ginger soup brought a new spin to my table… If you are a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to raw foods, I would definitely add this book to your arsenal. Simply put, this is a beautiful book that makes food for beautiful people.”
—Dave, Ridgefield Wellness

“[Rawlicious is] an appealing introduction to eating raw (all, mostly, or partly) with basics on sprouting, juicing, nut milks, and raw nutrition. There are over 140 recipes that range from the truly simple (salads, smoothies, juices) to the fairly elaborate (raw pizza, anyone?), and almost all of them are accompanied by gorgeous full color photos… Just looking through the photos of vibrant food makes me hungry. If you’re at all curious about raw, Rawlicious is a wonderfully friendly and unassuming resource.”
—Jennifer, It’s Not Easy To Be Green
“The book has lots of great photos, tasty sounding recipes, and excellent introductory information on the benefits of raw food, how to be successful with raw and encouragement on growing your own food. I was especially excited by all the flavorful and varied sauces, pestos, and pates… wonderful sounding recipes include garlic white sauce, almond gravy, Thai sauce, and Indian Korma Sauce.”
—Catharine, Albion Cooks
“Rawlicious offers a nice sampling of a variety of dishes, from smoothies to soups to mains with a section on combining the different components to make a gourmet meal. The recipes are easy to make without many specialty ingredients, which I personally always look for in a cookbook. There are tons of recipes I'm excited to try, especially ones using sprouted legumes, such as the sprouted lentil burger and sprouted chick pea falafels.”
—Selene, Veganlicious

“A cookbook is a misnomer because Rawlicious is about doing it in the raw; no cooking allowed. Food can be grown, foraged, food processed (in the food processor not processed foods), blended, strained, infused, power juiced and dehydrated. … Rawlicious bursts with stunning photography. … I can almost smell the wholesomeness of the ‘creamy’ blender wild mushroom soup and the verdant blue-green smoothie. … Rawlicious is an invitation to where good food and good health are in perfect harmony.”
—Karyn, Circle of Food

“[Rawlicious] offers practical guidance for how to get started [on the raw food diet], including tips for transition, how to stock your kitchen and a variety of inventive recipes.”

“A fine pick for any culinary collection!”
Midwest Book Review

Rawlicious is filled with tasty drinks, dips, desserts, chutneys and meals like pizza, quiches, ravioli and burgers. … It seems raw foodism does not exist in the fantasy world at all. It can be a reality.”
Times LIVE

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