Lifelong Yoga

Lifelong Yoga

Maximizing Your Balance, Flexibility, and Core Strength in Your 50s, 60s, and Beyond

Author: Sage Rountree, Alexandra DeSiato Foreword by: Roy Williams

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An accessible illustrated guide for practicing yoga as you age, featuring simple poses and routines for balance, core strength, hip flexibility, and recovery

With over 125 instructive photos and sequences to keep you active into your 50s, 60s, and beyond

Yoga gives active people vital tools for healthy aging: strength, flexibility, balance, and focus. In this one-of-a-kind book, the authors explain how common activities for aging active people (running, swimming, golf, gardening, travel, caring for grandchildren) can be better supported with yoga.

Inside you’ll find easy, doable poses and routines that help keep older people fit and injury-free. Other key topics include:

·Core and leg strength for stability and healthy aging, needed for autonomous living and enjoyable movement
·A practical approach to flexibility
·Balance and how it translates to staying safer during activity and avoiding falls
·Ways to incorporate yoga in daily routines to receive benefits with minimal time commitment
·Meditation, mindfulness, breathing practices, and the physical practice of yoga can help with both mental flexibility and relaxation
Each sequence is introduced with a brief overview of the benefits of the movements along with modifications and options suited to individual requirements.

From the practical to the philosophical, Lifelong Yoga is a user-friendly handbook for staying active and healthy in a changing body over the course of a long life.

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ebook, paperback

Release Date: 2017-08-01
Paperback 9781623171438
Ebook 9781623171445

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