Lao Tzu: My Words Are Very Easy to Understand

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Lao Tzu: My Words Are Very Easy to Understand

Lectures on the Tao Teh Ching

Author: Cheng Man-ch'ing   Translator: Tam C. Gibbs

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Lao-tzu: My Words Are Very Easy to Understand interprets the sayings of Lao-tzu, one of the earliest writers in Chinese history. His work describes the merest traces and marvels of the Tao, and promotes Non-action, concepts that are central to these unique teachings of thousands of years ago.


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Man-ch'ing Cheng was born in Chekiang Province in 1901. He studied with many renowned masters of Ta'chi, and at age 30, retired from teaching and traveled with master of classics Ch'ien Ming-shan until he finally 'entered the Tao of knowledge.' Cheng established the Shr Jung School of T'ai-chi Chu'uan and Taipei, and has lectured in Taiwan and America.

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