I Ching, the Oracle

I Ching, the Oracle

A Practical Guide to the Book of Changes: An updated translation annotated with cultural & historical references, restoring the I Ching to its shamanic origins

Author: Benebell Wen

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Benebell Wen’s (Holistic Tarot and The Tao of Craft) historic new translation of the I Ching brings the power and mysticism of The Book of Changes to contemporary readers.

Now in a beautiful hardcover format with a ribbon bookmark.

Through in-depth annotations, cultural and historical references, and magical practices, Wen amplifies the wisdom—both profound and practical—of the 3,000-year old text. She includes aspects of the I Ching that have never before been translated into English, offering fresh perspectives on a classic work.

Rooted in her experience and knowledge as a Taiwanese-American occultist and Buddhist with deep family ties to Taoist mysticism, Wen’s groundbreaking translation is accompanied by a critical analysis of earlier I Ching transmissions.

Readers will learn how to:

  • Situate the I Ching within its historical and cultural context
  • Interpret the hexagrams and utilize various divination methods, such as yarrow stalk, coin toss, cowrie shells, and rice grains
  • Work with the I Ching for personal guidance and developing intuitive wisdom
  • Understand correspondences of Taoist mystical tradition with other schools of metaphysics, including shamanism, faith healing, and soul retrieval
  • Approach the Book of Changes as a grimoire and attain a foundational understanding of the eight trigrams and Wu Xing five alchemical phases

Whether you’re new to the I Ching or an experienced occultist, I Ching, The Oracle will deepen your understanding of esoteric Taoism and the art and craft of divination. Highlighting the two main schools of interpretation—Image and Numbers and Meanings and Principles—and exploring Taoist cosmology, mysticism, ritual practice, and the shamanic origins of the I Ching, Wen provides you with everything you need to apply the I Ching for life guidance, spiritual practice, and ancestral connection.

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Release Date: 2023-09-26
Hardcover 9781623178734
Ebook 9781623178741
Audiobook 9798889840022

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