Mind Over Matter

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Mind Over Matter

Higher Martial Arts

Author: Siao Weijia, Shi Ming Translator: Thomas Cleary

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This unique book by Master Shi Ming and Siao Weijia explores the Chinese science of mind/body and the refinement of consciousness in the higher martial arts.


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About the Author

Shi Ming is a highly accomplished master of the traditional Chinese martial art of Taijiquan, with over forty years experience and training. He is the inheritor of a private tradition that is outline his this book, and was featured on Bill Moyers’s acclaimed 1993 public television series Healing and the Mind, where he gave astounding demonstrations of the extraordinary inner power developed by an advanced martial artist.

Siao Weijia is a longtime practitioner of martial arts and one of Shi Ming’s leading disciples. He teaches Russian language in Beijing, and applies his own method in his study of Master Shi Ming’s skills and traditional Chinese culture.

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