Craniosacral Therapy for Babies and Small Children

Craniosacral Therapy for Babies and Small Children

Author: Etienne Peirsman, Neeto Peirsman Foreword by: John E. Upledger

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This unique first book shows, through pictures and step-by-step instructions, how to give a baby or small child a full craniosacral treatment. The authors approach babies as conscious beings who endure enormous stress during the birth process. They show how CS therapy can help restore the correct alignments in babies’ bodies, freeing them to grow and attain their maximum potential without hindrance. The book focuses on what a trained CS therapist can do to remove the blockages that often arise during birth. It addresses both hands-on techniques and awareness of how to interact with a baby and what responses and effects to expect. Based on the authors’ extensive experience, this guide can also be used by parents or caregivers interested in knowing what babies need in order to be whole and healthy, and how to prevent problems — including hyperactivity and ADD — that could become serious and require medication later in life.

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Release Date: 2006-11-01
Paperback 9781556435973

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