Brain-Building Nutrition

Brain-Building Nutrition

How Dietary Fats and Oils Affect Mental, Physical, and Emotional Intelligence

Author: Michael A. Schmidt, Ph.D. Foreword by: Jeffrey Bland

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In this new, updated edition of the classic book on brain performance and nutrition, Dr. Michael A. Schmidt provides a host of practical dietary information and new, ground-breaking research to support his findings. A remarkable but little known fact is that the brain is nearly 60 percent fat. The book begins with a quiz to measure the reader’s brain fatty acid profile, and goes on to demonstrate the role of fat in the brain’s structure and functioning. The author helps the reader distinguish between harmful and beneficial fats and oils, and warns the "French Fry Generation" of the dangers of a poor diet. The effects of nutrition on mood, memory and behavior are explained by a number of compelling case studies. Finally, the author presents various strategies for enhancing mental, physical and emotional intelligence through the conscious use of supplements and a healthy diet.

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