Body Electronics

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Body Electronics

Vital Steps for Physical Regeneration

Author: Thomas Chavez Foreword by: Thomas Quackenbush

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Body electronics is a self-healing system that utilizes nutrient saturation through diet and supplementation. Thomas Chavez learned this discipline under its developer, Dr. John Whitman Ray, and in Body Electronics, Chavez expands it to cover every imaginable trauma and illness. The basis for the approach is the melting of melanin protein complexes (crystals) in the body that develop through years of poor diet, insufficient water, poor bowel ecology, and other factors.

The book addresses such topics as how to achieve appropriate levels of nutrient saturation with the right combination of enzymes and minerals; how much water to drink and why it’s important; how eating cooked food can be a damaging addiction; and how to achieve a healthy relationship with bacterial flora for intestinal health. In addition to physical wellness, the book addresses spiritual and psychological well being. The results of body electronics have been called miraculous; this book shows why.


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About the Author

Thomas C. Chavez has been lecturing and teaching seminars on and facilitating Body Electronics (BE) groups in California, Oregon, and Washington since 1984. He was one of founder Dr. John Whitman Ray’s earliest students. His current BE community, a break-out group of Christ the Healer UCC the church he co-pastors with his wife, Gabrielle, has been meeting regularly in their home since 1996.

Chavez entered the world of active health care in 1975 as an Emergency Medical Technician, but soon involved himself as a student of message, Shiatsu, Herbalism, Back Flower Remedies, Nutrition, Shamanic exploration, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Ericsonian Hypnosis and Homeopathy. He became a practitioner of Homeopathic medicine in 1979, considered by many to be the most insightful and effective homeopath in the state of Oregon and has, since 1998, confined his homeopathic practice to the field of consultation for other health care professionals.

Chavez is the current president of the nonprofit, AMR’TA, an organization dedicated to exploring the boundaries of what is currently known about health, healing, natural, complementary, and alternative medicine. He is listed as a major contributor to the IBIS Interactive BodyMind Information System and is the past editor of Portland Reflections Quarterly Magazine and Resource Directory.

Reviews/Press Quotes

"Body Electronics is a sophisticated discussion of the entire healing process. It is strongly based on – but goes gently beyond – Dr. John Ray’s powerful work, to a more rounded understanding of the meaning of ‘cure’ of body, mind, spirit. The powerful message in this book is that it is a total program to improve life function, love, relationships, and openness to all of life’s pains and joys."
-Gabriel Cousens, M.D., Director of Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, author of Spiritual Nutrition, Rainbow Green Life Food Cuisine, and Conscious Eating

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