Ancient Songs of the TAO

Ancient Songs of the TAO

Music of the Spheres

A Y: Bruce Frantzis

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As part of my training as a Taoist priest in China, I learned 3,000 ancient liturgies that create vibrations for changing the energetic frequencies in human beings. I use these powerfully effective chants to help my students relax their tension, energetic blockages, emotions and churning thoughts. After decades of being asked to record them, I finally feel the time has come to share them with you.
—Bruce Frantzis

Listen to the music of the spheres—ancient audio technology developed by the Taoists thousands of years ago to help people activate and weave together their eight energy bodies. These songs of the TAO can help you:
• Enhance your ability to breathe fully into your entire body
• Align your body to ensure uninhibited chi flow for optimal health
• Deepen your meditation, tai chi, chi gung, martial arts, or yoga practice
• Become present and experience Fourth Time
• Transform fear, rejection and depression into awareness, freedom, and joy
• Relax into the Heart-Mind to allow love and compassion to flow freely

Before performing each song, Frantzis explains its intended use. This set includes two bonus CDs—discs 4 and 5—with songs only. Practice with them to master your inner world.

DISC 1 Fundamentals & Breathing
1: Origin of the songs
2: How to use the songs
3: Explanation of the sounds
4-5: Becoming present
6-7: Feeling your energy
8-9: Activating the breath
10-11: Breathing with the diaphragm and sides
12-13: Breathing from the back and kidneys
14-15: Connecting the belly, lower back, and organs
16-17: Breathing with the lungs and upper back
18-19: Breathing with the spine
20-21: Longevity Breathing®

DISC 2 Alignments & the Heart-Mind
1-2: Alignments for meditation
3-4: Upper body alignments
5-6: Middle body alignments
7-8: Lower body alignments
9-10: Attention and the Heart-Mind
11-12: Finding the Heart-Mind
13-14: Expectations and Fourth Time

DISC 3 Balancing Your Emotions
1: Letting go
2-3: Releasing anger and frustration
4-5: From fog to enthusiasm and joy
6-7: Dissolving depression
8-9: Moving past fear to awareness
10-11: The freedom beyond rejection
12-13: Relaxing anxiety
14-15: Releasing pain
16-17: Love & compassion

DISC 4 Breathing & Alignments
1: Becoming present
2: Feeling your energy
3: Activating the breath
4: Breathing with the diaphragm and sides
5: Breathing from the back and kidneys
6: Connecting the belly, lower back, and organs
7: Breathing with the lungs and upper back
8: Breathing with the spine
9: Longevity Breathing®
10: Alignments for meditation
11: Upper body alignments
12: Middle body alignments
13: Lower body alignments

DISC 5 Balancing the Emotions
1: Attention and the Heart-Mind
2: Finding the Heart-Mind
3: Expectations and Fourth Time
4: Releasing anger and frustration
5: From fog to enthusiasm and joy
6: Dissolving depression
7: Moving past fear to awareness
8: The freedom beyond rejection
9: Relaxing anxiety
10: Releasing pain
11: Love & compassion

About the Author

Bruce Frantzis’ books, CDs, and DVDs are unique in their practicality and relevance to modern life. The Water Method of Taoism has been transmitted for thousands of years from teacher to disciple in an unbroken chain. The Taoist lineage to which Frantzis belongs is directly linked to that of Lao Tse, author of the Tao Te Ching, the second most translated book in the world.

Frantzis spent more than a decade following the Taoist path of warrior/healer/priest in China, where he was trained by some of its greatest masters. He is the first known Westerner to hold authentic lineages in chi gung, ba gua, tai chi, hsing-i, and Taoist meditation. Frantzis also studied in Japan and India for five years and has extensive experience in Zen, Vajrayana Buddhism, yoga, Kundalini, energetic healing therapies, and Taoist Fire and Water traditions.

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