Aikido Ground Fighting

Aikido Ground Fighting

Grappling and Submission Techniques

Author: Walther G. Von Krenner, Damon Apodaca, Ken Jeremiah Foreword by: Carl Long

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This aikido training guide presents effective ground fighting techniques, remaining true to founder Morihei Ueshiba’s teachings and providing useful instruction for martial arts students
While aikido is renowned for its submission and compliance techniques as well as grappling from a standing position, it is not known for its effectiveness when it comes to ground fighting. Aikido Ground Fighting is a unique look at the roots of aikido techniques (in particular, the kneeling practices of suwari-waza) and how they might be applied to defense on the ground.
Written by a direct student of Morihei Ueshiba in collaboration with other aikido teachers, this book remains steadfastly true to the founder’s teachings while presenting innovative and effective techniques. Containing never-before-published pictures of Ueshiba and step-by-step photographs clearly demonstrating techniques, Aikido Ground Fighting is designed for aikido students looking to become more well-rounded martial artists as well as practitioners of all martial arts seeking effective self-defense techniques.

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