Aikido in Everyday Life

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Aikido in Everyday Life

Giving in to Get Your Way

Author: Terry Dobson, Victor Miller

Conflict is an unavoidable aspect of living. The late renowned aikido master Terry Dobson, together with Victor Miller, present aikido as a basis for conflict resolution. "Attack-tics" is a system of conflict resolution based on the principles of aikido, the non-violent martial art Morihei Ueshiba created after World War II. Not all conflicts are contests, say Dobson and Miller, and not all conflicts are equally threatening.


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"...a convincing and useful set of metaphors for understnding the geometry of conflict...stubbed with radical, sensible ideas."
- Marilyn Ferguson

"The Aikido student and master Terry Dobson...has taught so many of us the goodness possible inside the warrior."
- Robert Bly

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