Aikido for Life

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Aikido for Life

Author: Gaku Homma

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A teacher’s guide for instructing beginners of Aikido–this book appeals to the new beginner and experienced student alike. Nippon Kan was established in 1980 as a center for Denver residents to experience Japanese culture. The center has since served more than 6,000 studetns wit hits variety of classes, but its core is still Aikido. Thousands of students have benfitted from Gaku Homma’s form of dynamic Aikido.


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About the Author

Gaku Homma, founder and chief instructor of Nippon Kan, is the author of Aikido Sketch Diary, The Folk Art of Japanese Country Cooking, and Children and the Martial Arts: An Aikido Point of View. He has practiced under Morihei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido, as well as other high-ranking instructors.

Reviews/Press Quotes

"There is an extraoridinary metaphor for life in Aikido that is clearly communicated through the genius of Homma Sensei's teaching."
- Steve Still

"Approaches teaching in a way that helps the student gain skill sboth on the mat and in the everyday world."
- Teresa L. Roberts

"Describes for the beginner the Aikido approach to integrated body-mind fitness."
- John Abrahamson

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