Advocating for the Environment

Advocating for the Environment

How to Gather Your Power and Take Action

Author: Susan B. Inches

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What can any one of us–as ordinary citizens–really do about climate change? A lot!

Advocating for the Environment is based on a vision where all life is respected, revered, and nurtured.
The shifts we need to achieve this vision are profound–from how we do business to how we educate, govern, and care–for all people and life on the planet. Written by environmental policy expert Susan B. Inches, Advocating for the Environment is an easy-to-understand, empowering guide to help you take action and enact environmental change.

Part I begins with how we must learn to think differently in order to achieve this vision and heal the planet. It discusses storytelling, empathy, worldviews, and how understanding and effective communication can help us collaborate with others–even those with opposing views. And it shows the important role that citizen advocates play in achieving a healthy future.

Part II of the book is all about action. How to use power for good, work with decision-makers, organize events, manage a coalition, communicate with the public, and work with the media are all laid out in an easy-to-read and easy-to-reference format.
The book also includes case studies, research, and templates to deepen learning. Professors and teachers, students, legislators, environmental clubs, and church groups will also find useful ideas and strategies on every page. Advocating for the Environment is a guide to environmental action that readers will want to read and keep for reference for years to come.

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Release Date: 2021-07-13
Paperback 9781623176174
Audiobook 9781623177300
Ebook 9781623176181

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