Reimagining Death

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Reimagining Death

Stories and Practical Wisdom for Home Funerals and Green Burials

Author: Lucinda Herring Foreword by: David Spangler

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For all those seeking to reclaim their innate and legal right to care for their own dead, create home funeral vigils, and choose greener after-death care options that are less toxic and more sustainable for the earth.

More natural after-death care options are transforming the paradigm of the existing funeral industry, helping families and communities recover their instinctive capacity to care for a loved one after death and do so in creative, nourishing, and healing ways. In reclaiming these practices and creating new, innovative options, we are greening the gateway of death and returning home to ourselves, our bodies, and the earth.

Lucinda Herring reminds us of the sacredness of death itself and the gifts of partnering with nature when we die. Her compelling stories and guidance come from years of experience as a home funeral-green burial consultant and licensed funeral director dedicated to more natural and healing death practices. The book includes the author’s stories of caring for her own mother and father after death and contributions from other women writers who cared for their partners—including a story of one man consciously choosing Death with Dignity. With a section of photographs of home vigils and natural burials, Reimagining Death is a valuable resource in planning for all deaths in all circumstances (with a chapter on what to do when a death occurs outside of the home). Lucinda Herring provides the information you will need to create an advance after-death care directive—the next step beyond an advance directive or living will—especially if you want a home vigil or natural burial. Reimagining Death helps us contemplate our deaths with a greater lightness of being, knowing that we can care for the earth and those close to us when we die.

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About the Author

LUCINDA HERRING has worked at the cutting edge of the green funeral movement for over twenty years, beginning with others in the 1990s to quietly care for loved ones after death and going on to become one of the leading voices for more healing and ecological ways to care for our dead. Herring is a licensed funeral director and runs Thresholds Consulting and Ministry. She also regularly speaks about her work and offers advance after-death care planning, home funeral/green disposition education and trainings, and celebrant/ministerial services for families and communities who are reclaiming their innate right to care for each other and the earth at the end of life.

Reviews/Press Quotes

“Stories are fuel, and balm, to social movements. That’s why we need more stories about reclaiming death care practices that heal our connection to death and recognize our relationship to the earth. With hands-on knowledge, Lucinda Herring heeds the call.”
—Suzanne Kelly, author of Greening Death: Reclaiming Burial Practices and Restoring Our Tie to the Earth
“For all who long to experience death as a natural and sacred part of life, Reimagining Death is the ideal handbook to inform, inspire, and ignite a new vision for our final passage. It is a beacon of hope, possibility and renewal.”
—Karen M. Wyatt, MD,  author of the award-winning What Really Matters, hospice physician and founder of End of Life University
“Read this book to understand the vast possibilities for beauty around the event of death. Lucinda Herring’s writing is clear and precise and infused with love. It may even change your life!”
—Katrina Spade, founder of Recompose, a project working to transform the end-of-life experience

“We cannot heal our relationships with the natural world, others, and ourselves   until we heal our relationship with death and grief. With Reimagining Death, Lucinda Herring charts a course for this essential healing -  a course that is both practical and spiritual, personal and universal.”
—Brian Flowers, funeral director, founder of The Meadow Natural Burial Ground, past president of the Green Burial Council

“With her innate wisdom, depth of understanding and compassionate approach Lucinda Herring embodies the sacred, and offers us the possibility of an honoring, transformative and loving experience of death.  This book offers “peace of the green” and is a profound gift to us all.”
—Claire Turnham, UK-based founder of Only with Love and Chair of the Home Funeral Network, recognized internationally as a leading home funeral guide, advocate, celebrant, and natural death care educator

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