A Pathway to Health

A Pathway to Health

How Visceral Manipulation Can Help You

Author: Alison Harvey Foreword by: Jean-Pierre Barral

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Based on the premise that movement is essential for life and any restriction will affect our health, visceral manipulation starts with the core, the viscera (organs), and extends throughout the entire body to address pain, structural imbalances, tensions, and restrictions. The practitioner uses specifically placed manual pressure that promotes normal movement, tone, and internal movement of the organs, their supporting structures, fascia, nerves, and blood vessels. The ultimate goal is improved health by allowing the body to perform and move optimally.

Illustrated with nearly 100 instructional photos and anatomy drawings, A Pathway to Health begins with general information about visceral manipulation, describing the method, goals, philosophy, and history of the practice. The book also explains the evaluation process and what a patient can expect to experience during and following a treatment session. Author Alison Harvey covers each major structure of the body including the organs, fascia, muscles, bones, and nerves, and discusses the causes of dysfunction. The second half of the book focuses on each system of the body, presenting physiological information and treatments as well as case studies. Harvey also explores emotional issues and their effects on the body and gives an authoritative summary of current research in the field.

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