A Buddhist Journal

A Buddhist Journal

Guided Practices for Writers and Meditators

Author: Beth Jacobs

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A guided journal that provides writing techniques and exercises that are matched with Buddhist meditation instructions and teachings.

This guided journal uniquely combines personal writing and meditation, two of the most beneficial self-help processes available. The two practices augment each other naturally, and many Buddhist teachers recommend a practice journal, but many people don’t know how to approach structuring a practice that draws from the benefits of both. In this book, Beth Jacobs–who has taught and written extensively on both Buddhist psychology and therapeutic writing–provides a variety of writing techniques and exercises that are matched with specific Buddhist meditation instructions and teachings. She describes meditation practices and Buddhist concepts along with writing exercises that bring the material to life. Writers will find exercises that deepen their experiences in general and writing in particular. Meditators will find Buddhist concepts clarified and techniques expanded. All readers will discover a laboratory of writing as experimentation, with structures that open ideas, break habits, and combine experience in novel ways.

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ebook, paperback

Release Date: 2018-08-14
Paperback 9781623172411
Ebook 9781623172428

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