Yin-Yang in Tai-Chi Chuan and Daily Life

Yin-Yang in Tai-Chi Chuan and Daily Life

Author: Simmone Kuo Foreword by: John Bratten Introduction by: Daniel Rybold Preface by: Jonas Hamilton

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In Yin-Yang in Tai-Chi Chuan and Daily Life, Simmone Kuo provides the philosophical context for the practice of this popular martial art, showing how Taoist, Buddhist, and Confucian traditions have shaped the practice of Tai-Chi Chuan. Included here are student accounts of the strong impressions Mme. Kuo made on her students. Drawing on yearly research trips to China and her lecture in Advanced Tai-Chi Chuan at San Francisco State University, Mme. Kuo explores the application of Yin-Yang theory to:

-Health and Nutrition
-Daily Practice
-Traditional Chinese Philosophy and the I Ching
-The Teacher-Student Relationship
-Self-Awareness and Self-Defense

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