Yang Style Traditional Long Form T’ai Chi Ch’uan

Yang Style Traditional Long Form T’ai Chi Ch’uan

As Taught by T.T. Liang

Author: Gordon Muir

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Gordon Muir began his martial arts studies at the age of twelve, followed by years of serious study of a wide variety of disciplines including judo, kyokushinkai, karate, kempo, several kung fu styles, and kickboxing. Eventually he discovered the internal martial arts, which led to t’ai chi and Master T. T. Liang, renowned teacher of Yang style. The culmination of the author’s longtime study of this style is this enlightening look at the Yang style of t’ai chi. Focusing on the revered traditional form rather than the more recently created short form, the book describes in depth the type of movement t’ai chi strives for that distinguishes it from other martial arts. Clear and concise instructions help students understand how to move in order to create internal strength. Numerous photographs and detailed descriptions showcase and simplify the movements, which include the traditional Yang stances, hand and arm positions, and moving and powering. Written in a simple, engaging style, the book is designed to help new students get started in this rewarding tradition and more advanced practitioners deepen their knowledge of it.

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Release Date: 2008-05-13
Paperback 9781583942215

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