The Secret Language of Anatomy

The Secret Language of Anatomy

An Illustrated Guide to the Origins of Anatomical Terms

Author: Cecilia Brassett, Emily Evans, Isla Fay Foreword by: Dr. Alice Roberts

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A strikingly illustrated key to decoding anatomical terminology, with 150 terms for body parts that derive from animals, plants, objects, and more

An initiation into the mysterious subject of anatomical terminology, this book reveals the body’s secret language by explaining the close relationship between human organs and structures and the evocative names given to them by anatomists. Beautifully crafted images illustrate 150 terms derived from the animal, food, place, plant, symbol, or other object that the body structure or function clearly resembles. Complete with a guide to prefixes and suffixes, this book decodes patterns in the naming of parts throughout the human body and makes anatomical terms more memorable for medical students and practitioners. In addition to professionals, anyone interested in the history of anatomy, the structure and function of the human body, medical etymology, and the history of language will be fascinating by this engrossing, accessible, and informative book.

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ebook, hardcover

Release Date: 2018-07-31
Hardcover 9781623172459
Ebook 9781623172466

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