The Field Guide to Pregnancy

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The Field Guide to Pregnancy

Navigating New Territory with Research, Recipes, and Remedies

Author: Caylie See, L.Ac.

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For women who feel excited, overwhelmed, terrified, or just plain curious about their pregnancy journey, acupuncturist and integrative fertility expert Caylie See has written this pragmatic, insightful, and straightforward guide to finding the best information, resources, and foods to nourish their pregnancies. Balancing Eastern and Western medical perspectives, natural remedies, and recipes, she maps out the terrain of symptoms that women typically encounter from month-to-month—insomnia, morning sickness, and fatigue, to name a few—and gives explanations and solutions for each symptom. The Field Guide to Pregnancy is an encouraging, enjoyable, and inspiring gem that helps women find comfort in an inherently uncomfortable time.

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About the Author

Caylie See, MS, LAc, (FABORM) is a board-licensed acupuncturist and herbalist with over two decades of experience guiding women into successful pregnancies. She has often heard the phrase: “I knew it would be challenging being pregnant, but nobody told me [fill in the blank].” She wrote this book to fill in those blanks for readers. Her passion lies in seeing women through the full-spectrum of their pregnancy experience—especially the challenging parts. She believes that underneath these rocky places lies the very information that women need to feel fully supported and understood.
In addition to her extensive clinical experience in women’s health, See has held teaching positions at esteemed academic institutions such as the California Institute of Integral Studies and Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College, Berkeley. She is also widely published in peer-reviewed research including the Journal of Clinical Oncology and the Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medicine. She is currently the executive director of Integrative Fertility and was the founding vice president of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine.
See is also a new mother, an experience that has greatly illuminated these pages.

Reviews/Press Quotes

"Pregnancy is a time of joy, wonder, and unsolicited—even coercive—advice. The Field Guide to Pregnancy: Navigating New Territory with Research, Recipes, and Remedies, by Caylie See, gives women an intimate, honest picture of all the intricacies of pregnancy, so each woman can manage herself, her life, and her own unique healthy pregnancy.... The checklists are practical and surprisingly simple; rather than feeling overwhelmed, women will think, 'I can do this!' This empowerment comes from See’s understanding of pregnancy as not just a physical phenomenon—a woman’s sense of self, not to mention mental and emotional health, is a vital part of the process."
—Melissa Wuske, Foreword

"Straightforward, and always nonjudgmental, See walks women through the changes and challenges of each stage of pregnancy. Her realistic, no-punches-pulled tone makes this a highly valuable resource for women facing major body/life changes amidst a sea of unsolicited, often scary advice."
—Anna Jedrziewski, Retailing Insight

“Over decades of treating thousands of patients, I’ve seen countless women become confounded by the overwhelming number of options when it comes to sound pregnancy advice. I enthusiastically endorse The Field Guide to Pregnancy as a well-balanced presentation of pregnancy symptoms, syndromes, and solutions for the wide range of pregnancy experiences.”
—Eldon Schriock, MD, reproductive endocrinologist at Pacific Fertility Center
“This book is two great reads in one: the book itself and the bibliography. A formative resource for any woman who’s pregnant and a treasure trove of research for practitioners who work with pregnant or trying-to-get-pregnant women, The Field Guide to Pregnancy is a discovery for professionals and laypeople alike.”
—Ray Rubio, DAOM, LAc, founder of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine
“Throughout my twin pregnancy in 2014, I could have used a resource like The Field Guide to Pregnancy. So many pregnancy books dumb it down, offering the same repackaged information to the lowest common denominator of readers. This one has a fresh and refreshing perspective, deep insight into what causes certain symptoms from both a mainstream Western and traditional Eastern perspective, and great natural remedies that appeal to the earth mama in me.”
—MeiMei Fox, New York Times best-selling author and blogger at

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