The Field Guide to Pregnancy

The Field Guide to Pregnancy

Navigating New Territory with Research, Recipes, and Remedies

Author: Caylie See, L.Ac.

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For women who feel excited, overwhelmed, terrified, or just plain curious about their pregnancy journey, acupuncturist and integrative fertility expert Caylie See has written this pragmatic, insightful, and straightforward guide to finding the best information, resources, and foods to nourish their pregnancies. Balancing Eastern and Western medical perspectives, natural remedies, and recipes, she maps out the terrain of symptoms that women typically encounter from month-to-month—insomnia, morning sickness, and fatigue, to name a few—and gives explanations and solutions for each symptom. The Field Guide to Pregnancy is an encouraging, enjoyable, and inspiring gem that helps women find comfort in an inherently uncomfortable time.

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ebook, paperback

Release Date: 2016-10-04
Paperback 9781623170899
Ebook 9781623170905

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