Calm Birth, Revised

Calm Birth, Revised

Prenatal Meditation for Conscious Childbirth

Author: Robert Bruce Newman Foreword by: David Chamberlain, Sandra Bardsley

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The “trauma of childbirth” is a commonly heard phrase, but one that Calm Birth authoritatively counters. A resource for pregnant women and birth workers looking for empowering mind-body practices for a healthier kind of birth, this edition, revised with updated research and new material, shows how we can restore childbirth to its sacred status. The Calm Birth method, based on successful programs of the Harvard Medical School and the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, combines three proven practices—relaxation, meditation, and healing—with current scientific knowledge to nurture the expectant mother’s natural ability to give birth in true harmony with her body and her baby. Newman contextualizes the multilayered method within the existing literature of mind-body medicine and meditation science, as well as the meditation traditions from which two of the methods originate. In eight inspiring case studies of women who have experienced calm births, the author complements the thoughts of renowned experts including Carlos Castaneda and Carolyn Myss.

With 25% new material, this revised edition contains a new foreword by Sandra Bardsley, updated research in the fields of meditation, birth, and the prenatal period, two new birth stories, three new chapters, and new photo documentation.

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Release Date: 2016-08-02
Paperback 9781623170578
Ebook 9781623170585

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