The Feline Plague

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The Feline Plague

Author: Maja Novak Foreword by: Robert Buckeye Translator: Maja Visenjak-Limon

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A deftly written novel brimming with magical realist touches, The Feline Plague tells the story of Ira, a Slovenian child who discovers early the cruelty of the adult world—particularly the mistreatment of animals. Ira struggles to reconcile her life with a world in which people are small-minded, the chances for happiness are few, and petty tyrants rule. She takes a job with The Lady, a capitalist entrepreneur who runs the Ark, a pet emporium where she expects “pets will become the new jewelry.” Ira careens into adulthood alongside a fairy-tale cast: her evil mother and sisters, a benevolent grandmother, best friend and alter ego Felipe, a blind painter who moonlights as a window dresser, and a pair of twins so identical their employer thinks they’re one person. Acclaimed novelist Maja Novak masterfully conjures a series of vivid tableaux, setting Ira loose in a world where miniature wooden animals come to life—where jealousy, dreams, and realities unfold as Ira’s rite of passage parallels the backdrop of communism’s dying days and capitalism’s shaky start.


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About the Author

Born in 1960 in Jesenice, Slovenia, Maja Novak holds a law degree from the Law Faculty in Ljubljana and has received several prizes for her writing. She has published four novels—Izza kongresa, ali umor v teritorialnih vodah (Behind the Congress, or Murder in Territorial Waters 1993), Cimre (Roommates 1995), Karfanaum (Karfanaum 1998), and Ma ja kuga (Feline Plague 2000), as well as a collection of short prose, Zverjad (Wild Beasts 1996) and three books for children. Her work has been translated into several languages.

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“Some enterprising animator should consider turning Maja Novak’s story into a feature length film.”
World Literature Today

The Feline Plague,
Maya Novak’s first novel to be translated into English, introduces this gifted writer to the world. A modernist writer, who plays deftly with the traditions of magical realism, provides commentary on political situations within her rapidly altering homeland… The Feline Plague is such a powerful message because it resonates in the heart of readers far beyond the borders of Slovenia.”
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