Two in the Field

Two in the Field

Author: Darryl Brock

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Baseball-loving time traveler Sam Fowler returns for another heart-pounding through America’s past in this sequel to the best-selling If I Never Get Back
The year is 1875. Gripped by an economic depression, America is a darker place. Once again, time traveler Sam Fowler falls in with ballplayers, but then spins off on his own seeking the whereabouts of Caitlin, the woman he loves. His knight-like, hazardous quest forces him to ride the rails with tramps, deal with starving miners and the desperate Molly Maguires, work in a Saratoga casino, venture into the Nebraska prairies—and even encounter author Mark Twain. In the end, Sam will have to head into the Black Hills accompanied by Cait, a former slave, and a Sioux guide to face the ultimate reckoning of his life.
Like its predecessor, Two in the Field combines authentic research (including accurate details of early baseball), a narrative filled with twists and turns, and memorable characters in a white-knuckle ride through a dramatic period of American history.

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Release Date: 2007-05-01
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