The Enlightenment Quest and the Art of Happiness

The Enlightenment Quest and the Art of Happiness

Mastering Life through Higher Power

Author: John Maxwell Taylor Contribution by: Emily Taylor

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Award-winning actor and playwright John Maxwell Taylor builds on the success of his previous book, The Power of I Am, in this eloquent call to awaken from our collective trance and to claim the transformative power and happiness that is our birthright. Drawing on his forty years’ experience in spiritual self-transformation, Taylor offers a potent array of practical tools, stories, and life lessons that help us reorder the events in our lives, the way people respond to us, and the impact we have on the world.  The Enlightenment Quest and the Art of Happiness shows us how to master ourselves so that we can harness the energy of higher power to surmount the chaos of the modern world and provides strategies for “sociological aikido” that allow us to deal effectively with negative people, narcissists, and egotists. Informed by Taylor’s incredibly varied background—from European pop star, to student of Paramahansa Yogananda, Gurdjieff, and Mantak Chia, to resident at the pioneering Findhorn Community, to playing Carl Jung on stage for many years—this book demonstrates how, by understanding the powers active in creation, we can become instruments through which higher power continually flows to advance our evolution toward consciousness. In doing so, we not only transform ourselves, we become powerful agents for changing the world.

Readers learn how to: 
• Deal with negative people and egotists
• Use higher power to redirect the world around one to one’s own advantage
• Stay sane in an insane world by understanding true spiritual psychology
• See the world as it is instead of spiritually daydreaming that “things are going to get better” 
• Move beyond conspiracy theories and conspire instead to create a united world of consciousness
• Gain fresh insights into the work of Campbell, Jung, Paramahansa Yogananda, Gurdjieff, and others
• Apply the Findhorn principles of miraculous manifestation as practiced by the author since 1973

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ebook, paperback

Release Date: 2015-03-24
Paperback 9781583949184
Ebook 9781583949191

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