The 64 Hands of Bagua Zhang

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The 64 Hands of Bagua Zhang

Fighting Techniques of Liu Dekuan

Author: Gao Jiwu, Nigel Sutton

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The art of Bagua Zhang is best known for its circular forms, yet linear fighting techniques have been incorporated into Bagua practice by many renowned masters. Liu Dekuan, a student of Dong Haichuan (the founder of Bagua Zhang), was one such master, devising a set of 64 techniques performed in straight lines. These techniques were collected and preserved by Master Liu’s disciple Gao Wencheng and his family, passed down from generation to generation.

In The 64 Hands of Bagua Zhang, author Gao Jiwu—the grandson of Gao Wencheng—brings these techniques to the English-speaking world. Well known for his expertise in the 64 Hands form, Master Gao explains the history of the art, his family’s place in it, and the key principles for practice. The heart of the book is the complete set of Liu Dekuan’s 64 techniques; the solo forms are each explained in detail and then elaborated on to demonstrate their practical applications. Clear photographs fully illustrate the movements of the complete form and practice drills. Translated by Nigel Sutton, who has studied with the Gao family since the early 1980s, The 64 Hands of Bagua Zhang helps readers fully understand this form of Bagua Zhang.


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About the Author

Master Gao Jiwu holds the rank of a Seventh Duan Master Instructor and is best known for his mastery of the “64 Hands” form passed down through his family. He lives in Beijing.

Nigel Sutton holds instructor grades in the Chinese internal arts, Shaolin Five Ancestors, Combat Sambo, and several styles of Malay Silat. The author of a number of books on martial arts, he lives in Penang, Malaysia.

Reviews/Press Quotes

"With this volume, Master Gao Jiwu and his disciple Nigel Sutton present to the Western world one of the classic sets of Northern Chinese martial arts. Liu Dekuan's 64 Hands set is the epitome of his life's work, and the authors present this set with clear and precise details. We highly recommend that all teachers, students, practitioners, and enthusiasts of Chinese martial arts read this seminal work and through it discover this unique set of Chinese internal martial arts."
—Frank Allen and Tina Chunna Zhang, co-authors of The Whirling Circles of Ba Gua Zhang and Classical Northern Wu Style Tai Ji Quan

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