Spinal Manipulation Made Simple

Spinal Manipulation Made Simple

A Manual of Soft Tissue Techniques

Author: Jeffrey Maitland Photographer: Kelley Kirkpatrick

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Written by an expert on alternative bodywork, this book presents techniques for manipulating the soft tissues of the back in a safe, simple manner. The method avoids the high velocity, low amplitude thrusting techniques employed by chiropractors. Instead, it utilizes the intuitive sense of somatic bodyworkers combined with the proven theory and technique of Rolfing to provide safe and effective treatment. Maitland shows how to elegantly release joint fixations in the spine, sacrum, pelvis, and ribcage by using subtle soft tissue techniques, rather than the thrusting techniques that "pop" the joints. This gentler kind of individualized Rolfing work is thoroughly described within an explanation of biomechanics, aided by drawings and photographs which depict techniques and anatomy.

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ebook, paperback

Release Date: 2001-02-01
Paperback 9781556433528
Ebook 9781583946435

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