Jump Girl

Jump Girl

The Initiation and Art of a Spirit Speaker--A Memoir

Author: Salicrow

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The remarkable life story of growing up psychic and learning to work with Spirit, as told by a medium and psychic seer

Carrying on traditions woven of her Blackfoot and Celtic roots, Salicrow is a natural psychic medium from a family with a long history of profound connection to the unseen world. In this intimate memoir, she tells the story of how she became aware of her gifts as a child, how she was taught and encouraged by her grandmother and father, and how for more than 25 years she has worked as a seer, using the Tarot and Runes as tools to help people communicate with their beloved dead, as well as to contact the guiding spirits who watch over them. Revealing what it feels like to be called to serve in the metaphysical world, she describes her experiences divining the future and revisiting the past, speaking with herself from prior lives, time traveling to do energetic healing work on the planet, learning from the spirits themselves, using kinetic force, continuing to study and hone her skills, and much more.

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ebook, paperback

Release Date: 2018-02-13
Paperback 9781623171926
Ebook 9781623171933

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