Healing Justice Lineages

Healing Justice Lineages

Dreaming at the Crossroads of Liberation, Collective Care, and Safety

Author: Cara Page, Erica Woodland

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A profound offering and call to action–collective stories, testimonials, and incantations for renewing political and spiritual liberation grounded in Black, Brown, and queer healing justice lineages.

We reclaim the power, resilience, and innovation of our ancestors through this book. To embody their wisdom across centuries and generations is to continue their legacy of liberation and healing.
    In this anthology, Black queer feminist editors Cara Page and Erica Woodland guide readers through the history, legacies, and liberatory practices of healing justice–a political strategy of collective care that intervenes on generational trauma from systemic violence and oppression.
    Organized in three sections, Healing Justice Lineages recovers the ancestral medicines and practices that sustained communities under attack and oppression, while imagining, building, and calling into being what comes next.

  • In Past, Roots, and Foundation, Page and Woodland remember and reclaim generations-long healing justice and community care work, asking into critical questions like: How did our ancestors transform trauma and violence in their liberation work? What were our ancestors reckoning with–and what did they imagine?
  • The Present explores the current landscape. It addresses the ways healing justice is being co-opted and commodified and looks at the ways social media impacts healing justice and individual, collective, and generational trauma.
  • The Future imagines a future rooted in lessons of the past, uplifting emergent work that’s building infrastructure for care, safety, healing, and political liberation.

    Anti-capitalist, Black Feminist, and abolotionist, Healing Justice Lineages is a profound and urgent call to action to embrace models of care beyond the medical industrial complex, commodified self-care, and the policing and surveillance of our public health system. Centering disability, reproductive, Queer, environmental, and transformative justice, this anthology elevates and makes legible an ongoing tradition of survival–one that has been largely left out of our history books, but continues to this day.

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