Love Signs: What Kind of Partner Are You?

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Did you know that you have more than one astrological sign, and are actually influenced by each zodiac archetype in a different way? What we think of when someone asks, “What’s your sign?” is actually called our sun sign. Similarly, we have a moon sign, Mercury sign, Venus sign, etc. To get a free birth chart with all this info, click here.

Once you’ve figured out how the planets were aligned (meaning in which signs/constellations they were positioned) when you were born, you can find out more about yourself and how you act in relationships and in love. Below is text compiled from Stephen Arroyo’s Person-to-Person Astrology, which offers readers a new perspective on themselves as well as their partners.

There are two ways to use this information:

Person-to-Person Astrology by Stephen Arroyo

    1. Read the information for your Venus sign and your Mars sign as it’s listed below. These planetary influences play an important role in determining our tastes and how we act with our partners.


  1. Check out the information listed in the Venus and Mars sections for your sun sign, moon sign, and your ascendant (or “rising sign”). For instance, my Venus and Mars are in Aquarius so I’d read those sections. Then, since my sun is in Pisces, I’d read the information about Pisces (even though it’s listed under Venus and Mars), and I’d do the same for my moon and rising signs. This approach provides a holistic view of your romantic tendencies, taking the most influential aspects of your birth chart into consideration.


More than any other factor in astrology, Venus reveals one’s tastes—be they aesthetic, romantic, or sensual—as well as the resulting modes of sharing one’s finer feelings and affections. Mars, I should add, also symbolizes a component of one’s erotic tastes, specifically one’s sexual tastes and the quality of energy that motivates sexual desire. Together, Venus and Mars represent the energy attunement of one’s erotic nature and each individual’s more intense personal and passionate feelings. Whereas Venus shows most specifically the relationship needs and mode of sharing (giving and receiving) with others, Mars reveals the energy level of the sex drive and the modus operandi of going after what or whom one desires, as well as how the sexual energy is most naturally expressed.


Venus in the Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Affection and appreciation are expressed energetically, directly, and grandly. The person feels love and closeness with another through sharing of vigorous activities as well as through mutual aspirations and enthusiasms, such as the sense of their own superior ideals.

The Essence of Venus in Aries

  • Expresses affection directly, impulsively, enthusiastically; especially enjoys the first stages of relationships.
  • Self-assertive and demanding qualities can make intimacy difficult to achieve.
  • Values individuality, initiative, and independence in self and others; gives of self energetically and responds to others’ enthusiasms.

The Essence of Venus in Leo

  • Expresses affection warmly, dramatically, playfully, and enthusiastically.
  • Exchange of deeper feelings may be encumbered by the need to be the center of attention or to dominate others’ emotional life.
  • Gives of self with creative vitality and receives from others graciously and proudly; can be very generous and loyal.

The Essence of Venus in Sagittarius

  • Expresses affection freely, enthusiastically, generously, and idealistically, motivated by an innate trust and faith in life and love’s blessings.
  • A restless urge for freedom, adventure, and always anticipating something better can interfere with establishing lasting close relationships.
  • Tolerant and broad-minded attitude toward love with a need for philosophical harmony; values honesty but may insensitively overlook others’ feelings.


Venus in the Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Affection and appreciation are expressed tangibly, dependably, and physically. The person feels love and closeness with another through commitment and building a life together, as well as through sensual pleasure and sharing responsibilities.

The Essence of Venus in Taurus

  • Expresses affection physically, warmly, steadily, and possessively.
  • Intimate exchanges may be hampered by a reluctance to release feelings or lose control.
  • Values material comfort and beautiful physical objects; deeply appreciates physical sensations: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

The Essence of Venus in Virgo

  • Expresses affection matter-of-factly, modestly, helpfully, practically, and timidly.
  • Petty criticisms or a natural reserve can interfere with emotional give-and-take and the expression of passion in relationships.
  • A need to serve and be useful gives emotional satisfaction; finds pleasure in precise attention to details and analytical mental activity.

The Essence of Venus in Capricorn

  • Expresses affection cautiously, seriously, dutifully, and mechanically, with perseverance.
  • A need for self-control and emotional reserve may give an aloof, impersonal demeanor that can inhibit the development of close relationships.
  • Ambitious, conservative, and concerned with reputation; capable of loyalty and of facing the work and responsibilities of a committed relationship.


Venus in the Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Affection and appreciation are expressed through intense intellectual communication and a sense of companionship. The person feels love and closeness with another through verbal sharing, a meeting of minds, and mutual pleasant socializing.

The Essence of Venus in Gemini

  • Expresses affections verbally, cleverly, lightly, and playfully.
  • A need for variety and constant new stimuli can inhibit chances for lasting relationships.
  • Mental rapport is highly valued; attracted to quick wit; needs to talk immediately about one’s thoughts and perceptions to feel close to another.

The Essence of Venus in Libra

  • Expresses affection sincerely, considerately, charmingly, and harmoniously.
  • A deep need for peace, tranquility, and harmony can lead to avoidance of unpleasant emotional exchanges and thus limit the scope of intimacy.
  • Needs to develop relationships based on equal sharing and cooperation in order to give of one’s emotions; appreciates symmetry and traditional beauty.

The Essence of Venus in Aquarius

  • Expresses affection freely, unconventionally, flirtatiously, often humorously, and experimentally.
  • Values individualistic freedom and tends toward extremism and rebelliousness; detached, impersonal attitude can interfere with close relationships.
  • Enjoys exchange of theories and ideas; needs active socializing with many people in order to give fully of one’s emotional nature.


Venus in the Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Affection and appreciation are expressed sympathetically and with empathy, through identifying with the other person’s feelings. The person feels love and closeness with another through an interchange of sensitivity and feelings on a subtle level, leading at times to an experience of deep merging.

The Essence of Venus in Cancer

  • Expresses affection sensitively, comfortingly, protectively, and tenaciously.
  • A need for closeness may be hampered by moodiness, timidity, stinginess, or overly self-protective feelings.
  • Needs to nurture and be nurtured and to feel part of a family in order to be comfortable; very receptive, easily reflects others’ pleasures and moods.

The Essence of Venus in Scorpio

  • Expresses affection intensely, passionately, obsessively, with extreme, consuming feelings.
  • Social and love needs can be hindered by an inclination to secrecy and a reluctance to trust others.
  • Needs to penetrate deeply into a relationship with intense emotional power; give-and-take with others can generate a healing, transformative energy.

The Essence of Venus in Pisces

  • Expresses affections sensitively, kindly, compassionately, and sympathetically; capable of selfless giving and adapting to others’ emotional needs.
  • Escapism, evasion, and confusion can undermine the ability to give of self and to receive from others; lack of discrimination can hamper forming solid relationships.
  • A need for a magical and romantic harmony; idealizes loved ones and love itself. Desires can be vague and unfocused, thus heightening vulnerability.



Mars in the Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

The individual asserts self through direct physical action, initiative, and outgoing demonstrative energy. The personal method of operation is direct expression of will, authority, and power. Physical energy is stimulated by constant movement, confident enthusiasm, and dynamic action.

The Essence of Mars in Aries

  • Asserts self competitively, directly, impatiently, and sometimes recklessly.
  • Intuitively grasps the essentials; restless urge for action directed toward new experience; often has entrepreneurial flair and/or mechanical ingenuity.
  • Sexual drive and physical energy are expressed impulsively, powerfully, and confidently.

The Essence of Mars in Leo

  • Asserts self dramatically, warmly, expressively, confidently, and sometimes arrogantly; abundant vitality with a creative flair.
  • Need to assert oneself dynamically and creatively may be perceived by others as being pushy or domineering.
  • Physical and sexual energy is stimulated by attention and demonstrative generosity; needs to be complimented and appreciated for sexual, physical, or creative prowess.

The Essence of Mars in Sagittarius

  • Asserts self honestly, idealistically, energetically, impulsively, and tactlessly.
  • Decisiveness and strong actions are motivated by one’s aspirations toward an ideal or vision of the future, guided by one’s beliefs, morality, and inspirations.
  • Physical and sexual excitement is stimulated by adventurous activities; has an expansive urge for self-improvement and a restless need for exploration.


Mars in the Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

The individual asserts self through concrete achievement requiring patience and persistence. The personal method of operation is careful, cautious, and often focused on efficiency. Physical energy is stimulated by hard work, self-discipline, challenge, and satisfaction at having done one’s duty or obligations well.

The Essence of Mars in Taurus

  • Asserts self steadily, retentively, conservatively, and stubbornly.
  • Initiative and drive directed toward consolidation, productivity, comfort, and enjoyment of life’s simple pleasures; often a creative and/or artistic flair.
  • Physical energy and sexual drive are influenced by a deep appreciation of the physical senses; may tend toward complacency and laziness.

The Essence of Mars in Virgo

  • Asserts self modestly, helpfully, analytically, dutifully, sometimes with petty criticism.
  • Need to strive toward perfection in order to achieve desires; decisiveness and initiative may be hindered by self-criticism and over-attentiveness to details.
  • An underlying need to serve influences the physical energy and willpower; ability to work hard and vigorously with practical intelligence.

The Essence of Mars in Capricorn

  • Asserts self cautiously, seriously, authoritatively, ambitiously, with strong self-discipline.
  • Decisiveness is accompanied by careful planning, calculation, and patience. Physical energy is often directed toward personal material goals and long-term achievement.
  • Pursues desires steadily and persistently through conventional channels: sex urge is strong and self-controlled.


Mars in the Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The individual asserts self through expression of ideas, active communication, and energetic imagination. The personal method of operation relies on persuasion and an appeal to reason or being personally likable. Physical energy is stimulated by mental challenges, social activism, relationships, and new ideas.

The Essence of Mars in Gemini

  • Asserts self verbally, flexibly, cleverly, communicatively, through a variety of skills.
  • The focus of one’s desires changes quickly and often; easily diverted. Expresses a wide-ranging friendliness; very good at making connections.
  • Physical energy and sexual drive are affected by mentally stimulating conversations, images, or curious new ideas; very open-minded.

The Essence of Mars in Libra

  • Asserts self sociably, cooperatively, charmingly, with a direct, energetic interest in one-to-one relationships.
  • Initiative and drive are tactfully and tactically directed toward balance, fairness, and harmony.
  • Physical energy and decisiveness are strongly affected by one’s closest relationships and by aesthetic influences, and may be hindered by the desire to weigh all the options.

The Essence of Mars in Aquarius

  • Asserts self intelligently, individualistically, eccentrically, and independently.
  • Achievement of goals can be thwarted by rebelliousness, but reforming, revolutionizing urge can be channeled into creative innovations.
  • Physical energy and sex drive are stimulated by a sense of freedom, experimentation, and the excitement of new possibilities and new ideas; detachment and scientific objectivity can hinder the expression of emotion and passionate desires.


Mars in the Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

The individual asserts self through emotional subtlety and persistence, and by appealing to the deeper feelings and needs of others. The method of operation uses intuition, shrewdness, and slyness to attain goals and desires. Physical energy is stimulated by deep yearnings, feeling needed by others, subtle intuitions, and intensity of emotional experience.


The Essence of Mars in Cancer

  • Asserts self sensitively, shyly, indirectly, intuitively, and sympathetically.
  • Initiative and willpower can be hindered by moodiness and cautious self-protection, but capable of fearless action to support loved ones; preserves tradition and one’s roots.
  • Physical and sexual energy are stimulated by feeling cared for and protected; unconscious fears and vulnerabilities can inhibit decisive action.

The Essence of Mars in Scorpio

  • Asserts self intensely, magnetically, passionately, and powerfully.
  • Physical energy and initiative are prompted by strong desires, compulsions, and challenges; capable of great endurance.
  • Sex urge is motivated by the need to share deep emotional closeness and to experience profound intensity; secretiveness and the need for self-protection and total control can hinder decisiveness and freedom of expression.

The Essence of Mars in Pisces

  • Asserts self idealistically, empathetically, agreeably, with underlying kindness.
  • Initiative and willpower are colored by sensitivity and compassion for others; pursues one’s desires subtly, motivated by inspiration, intuition, or a guiding vision.
  • Physical energy and sexual drive are always affected by dreams, moods, and emotions; self-assertion and decisiveness are encumbered by substantial personal and emotional vulnerability.
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